Veiled Angel – Episode 149 – “I’M PLANNING TO GET MARRIED SOON”

It was meant to be a well-composed story of how a butterfly found a haven on a juicy flower. At the conclusion of the story, Sandra would have to justify why the butterfly needed to perch on the juicy flower. Then I would reveal whom and whom the butterfly and the flower represent.

Well, could infusing a literary device into my open-ended story make the revelation climactic? No. Because a butterfly and flower are symbols of love or romantic attachment, using a butterfly and flower to form an imagery would leave the story self-explanatory and lacking an effective suspense.

So as the day to unveil the story was approaching, I changed my plan on how to present my story to Sandra. Meanwhile, we continued our friendship and were getting fond of each other. She would ask about my welfare in reciprocation to the concern I exhibited toward her; and we would both share how we fared. Women love attention, so Sandra was not an exception.

In the course of my beating around the bush, Joseph and Rose were quite aware of my interest in Sandra. Rose advised me to hit the nail on the head but my mouth was never running so fast to the extent of making my intention known to Sandra at such stage. Sandra and I were friends, and that was all I wanted her to register in her conscious mind.

Two weeks later, the night finally came to share my story with Sandra and she was keenly prepared to hear from me. At the brink of our conversation, I decided to ring her with a view to have a better understanding of her state of mind through deep consideration of her tone of voice and manner of response. Having noticed that she was in good spirits, I invited her for the long-awaited conversation.

Me: As a lady, I feel you would be able to advise me concerning something

Sandra: OK. What is it?

Me: It is about my relationship

Sandra: Alright, I’m all ears

Me: Well, I am planning to get married soon

Sandra: Wow! That’s great

Me: Thank you. But, I have a big challenge

Sandra: What’s it?

Me: It is about the lady I am eyeing

Sandra: OK. Let me get this right: are you still eyeing her or you are both in a relationship?

What a question! At this point, I wondered about what could be the reason behind her emphatic question. Was she trying to critically follow up with my story? Or was she trying to find out if she was the lady in question?

Truly, it is absolutely depressing for a lady to learn that someone who has given her much attention and eventually won her interest is already in a relationship. So, could that be the reason behind Sandra’s question?


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