Veiled Angel – Episode 148 – SANDRA LANDS IN JADE’S DRAGNET

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen.”

“Good morning,” they responded in unison.

It was the first day of my resumption to work since I travelled to my hometown to rebuild my parents’ house. It was a Monday morning, so I invited the members of staff for a brief meeting.

“It is my pleasure to be here with you this morning… Firstly, I would like to commend you all for your effort in ensuring that you contribute your quota to the progress of this company throughout my absence.”

They all welcomed me lovingly and demanded an endless list of local presents to mark my return.

The conclusion of the demands was a “good morning” message from Sandra. I smiled tenderly while looking down at the screen of my phone. It was interesting that Sandra was a copilot of our interaction. And I felt that her “good morning” message on a Monday morning could translate to nothing but love.

So, in order to keep a pace with Sandra’s free time, I proceeded to the primary agenda of the meeting. And few minutes later, I was seated at my desk chatting with her. We chatted for about fifteen minutes before the activities of the day started. In the course of our conversation, I devised a means of keeping her closer to me while also increasing her anticipation to hear from me.

“Sandra, I would like to tell you something,” I said to her.

“I’m all ears,” she had said, before she realised that the crux of the conversation would be left in isolation until an indefinite time.

I was determined to prolong the revelation as that was a stepping stone to a greater bond between us.

In fact, my resolve to avoid a precision about the time of the disclosure paid off without any waste of my time trying to secure an estate in her heart because that approach stirred her interest and kept it boiling right from that moment.

The following morning, nature was deeply asleep when her text message awakened my consciousness. I opened an eye and glanced through the message. How could Sandra spend time texting at that hour of the night?

“Yes, she is in my dragnet,” my instinct overjoyed. Probably, she had been sleepless all night because of my concealment; meanwhile, I was having a deep sleep like the ancient Adam.

Oh poor Sandra! I needed to keep her sleepless for more days. She would spend time thinking about me, wanting to talk to me, and probably getting fond of me. Definitely, that could be a catalyst for our relationship because the more the revelation was extended, the higher the suspense, and the greater I would dominate her thought. All the same, I had to be considerate and discerning toward her, otherwise the end result might lose the climactic effect of my choice.

But what did I plan to tell her?

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