Veiled Angel – Episode 147 – JADE CHATS WITH SANDRA

The moon reflecting brightly and the hour of the night wavering my anticipation to chat with Sandra, I was sitting cross-legged on the three-seater sofa in my sitting room, tapping my finger against the firm, furry surface of the sofa.

It was already eleven o’clock whilst there was no interchange of even a line of text between me and Sandra; all my effort to reach her was futile and neither did she bother to contact me.

So I wobbled past the sitting room, cleared the dividing curtain off my way and headed to my bed.

And soon before midnight, I concluded that Sandra intentionally evaded the chat only because she was not interested in me, and her past interaction with me was strictly out of courtesy, not a green light.

On that night, the memory of my relationship with Bintu came anew. I could remember the silence in her room when she looked into my eyes with rejection soaring from her eyeballs and her demeanor expressing absolute discontent before she responded to my proposal with a quiet “I can’t settle for less”.

Now, history could tell the tale and I was not taken aback by Sandra’s reaction. She must have tactfully rejected my invitation because she had no affection for me. So I lay my bed, switched off the light and lay low.

Lo and behold, I had barely closed my eyes when I got a text from Sandra.

Sandra: Hello

I held the phone and hesitated to respond; but within five seconds, another “hello” had popped up on my phone.

In like manner, I got the third text from her while unlocking my phone.

Sandra: Are you sleeping yet

With a smile, I looked at the chat and paused for a while. Definitely, she would not have sent such consecutive messages, especially the latter, if she was not interested in speaking with me. So I stopped holding back from responding to her.

Me: Hello Sandra

Sandra: Oh, you are awake

Me: Yes, I am

Sandra: Sorry, I have been busy

Me: No problem. Are you at work?

Sandra: Yes. There was an emergency, that’s why I couldn’t make it at 8

Me: Oh, I hope it is not critical

Sandra: A bit cos it involves fracture

Me: Oh, that’s bad. I wish the patient a quick recovery

Sandra: Yeah. Thank you

Me: So how was your day?

Sandra: Good and yours? 

In a nutshell, that was how we started and gradually swayed into the next day. Having understood that Sandra was as busy as a beaver, I decided to end the chat as soon as possible. Besides, she would need a couple of time to sleep since it was already past midnight.

Me: I’m glad you connected despite your busy schedule

Sandra: LOL. I’m also glad you did not give up

Me: Ha ha… Let’s call it a day so that you can rest

Sandra: No problem

Me: Thanks for your time

Sandra: And you too 

Me: Remember to sleep like a baby. Night!

Sandra: LOL. Bye.

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