Veiled Angel – Episode 146 – JADE AND SANDRA SCHEDULE A CHAT

On looking up at the clock while recovering from the contagious smile that lingered on my face throughout my conversation with Sandra, I could see it was twelve minutes to six. We had just scheduled a chat for eight o’clock and that was the reason behind my gaze at the clock.

What else could have been so special about eight o’clock if it were not the arranged chat between me and Sandra? She was polite, lovable and amiable and that was coupled with excellent beauty. Her love had sprung up in my heart right from the moment we met each other, but knowing that true friendship is the best route to romantic relationship helped me to exercise the needed patience.

I could have the reminiscence of the moment we spent together eating peppersoup at Local Nation, when I wished to excuse Sade and whisper “can we work something out?” to Sandra. Well, that might have appeared childish because it was the first moment in which we were fully together, the very moment she escaped from her hectic days. Besides, I understood that I was nothing but a stranger to the family. Likewise, I had no knowledge about her love life. How then could a stranger cast a net into someone’s pond? I just had to protect my self-respect.

Now, I continued mopping the room and singing happily while the clock kept ticking. Then my phone rang on the sofa.

“Hello sir,” Rose voice came over the phone.

“Hey Rose, I am back home,” I said to her.

She cheered happily and promised to visit me on the weekend. “I hope you brought my bread?” she asked.

“Sure, dear.”

“Welcome back, sir. How is our wife?” she asked playfully.

Based on my culture, “our wife” can be used to dignify one’s daughter in-law or the wife or fiancée of one’s friend or relative. So Rose was tactfully referring to Sandra.

“Ah,” I echoed, “she is not yet our wife but I’m sure she will comply.”

“Please, don’t waste time; tell her straight away. If she loves you, she won’t beat around the bush.”

“Ha ha…” I laughed. “The water a fetcher will fetch from a river does not outpace him.”

She laughed hilariously and negated the proverb. “Well, you have finally rejected Helen, my friend, who is dying for you every day,” she said thereafter. “I am looking forward to seeing this Queen of England who arrested your heart.”

“No problem, I will surprise you,” I concluded.

The clock kept ticking and the bright moon of the night soon appeared overhead. Like an eagle eagerly awaiting the right moment to pick up its prey, I began keeping an eye on Sandra’s profile as soon as half past seven. Seemingly, the clock was slower than usual and the next thirty minutes were the longest suspenseful time of my life.

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Typicalcat79 December 26, 2019 at 6:56 pm

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MarioMut March 23, 2018 at 9:37 am

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