A few minutes later, the vehicle accelerated to the busy highway leading to the bus stop. The journey had lasted for hours and the darkness of the night had clouded the sky. Now, I was dizzy and dozy; meanwhile the bus was fast approaching the bus stop.

“We are close to Berger,” a kind feminine voice sounded to my hearing in a soft manner. It was the voice of a round-faced plump woman who was sitting beside me. At daylight, I could vividly see that she was dressed in Arabian attire; and now, her golden necklace was sparkling on diffracting the illumination of the street light.

She said to me, “You look worried. I hope there is no problem.”

I was surprised on hearing her words. Definitely, she had been observing me from the beginning of the journey.

She later introduced herself as Madam Rukky, and also offered me her business card. Some weeks later, I learnt that she lived in one of the city’s islands but possessed some houses in the mainland. Although I did not share my concern with her on that night, she was my first benefactor in the city; she later offered me a room in one of her houses in the mainland. And that was how I relocated to Lagos in my quest for a job, in preparation for building a family. (Events that unfolded on Jade’s stay in Madam Rukky’s house in the mainland will be available in the future).


My journey back home progressed; and finally I got a taxi and headed homeward. Since I was all alone, it was not surprising that my house was as quiet as a desolate land. There were cobwebs laying siege for me at the entrance of the house and the exterior was unkempt. Extremely tired, I found my way to the bedroom and relaxed for a while without attending to the tidiness of the house immediately.

It was until late in the evening before I texted Sandra. I also rang her parents and appreciated them for their hospitality throughout my stay in my hometown. They were glad to hear from me and they advised me to always keep in touch with them.

Few minutes later, I was cleaning the sitting room when Sandra called. “I got your text,” she said over the phone. Then she welcomed me back home and asked about my neighbours.

“I know you have missed your people over there,” she said thereafter.

“Ha ha…” I giggled. “I missed you people instead.”

At this point, she was interested in knowing the reason behind my statement. So I explained to her, “You know there is always a distinction between one’s family and acquaintances. To me, the relationship between me and your family reminds me of my family some years ago. So, you people are a family to me.”

In a nutshell, that was how I established a conversation between me and Sandra. And since conversation is the key to building a relationship while attention is a sign of deep interest, I was determined to keep our conversation progressing while showering her my attention.

“Can we chat tonight,” I asked her.

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