Veiled Angel – Episode 141 – WAS IT A GREEN LIGHT OR COURTESY?

Even after leaving the cement store, I was still wondering about the primary cause of Lola’s depression. All I could fathom out was she was having problems in her marriage. Maybe she had lost her husband or she was divorced. All in all, I needed to continue my journey, and little did I know that Lola would affect my life thereafter.

So I boarded a taxi on my journey homeward. Now, I had to put an end to my thoughts about Lola and focus on my own life. It had been days since I saw the beautiful oblong face and babyish grin of the lady I was hoping to take home as a wife. Predictably, she was extremely busy at work, so I decided to text her rather than ringing her up:

“Sandra, it is really nice staying with your family. Thank you for accommodating and overfeeding me.

I would have loved to spend more time with your family but I have to go back home to see the condition of things firsthand. So, I will be setting out early tomorrow’s morning.

Accept my heartfelt appreciation as I hope to see you on my next visit. My regards to all your colleagues over there. Bye!”

Hoping that she would respond as soon as possible, I was holding the phone in my fist and smiling endlessly. On getting home, I took a shower and sat with the family for a dinner. It was the last night of my journey; and in the course of the meal, I informed the parents about my decision to return home the following day.

They were both surprised. “So soon!” they echoed simultaneously.

“Won’t you wait for your friend before going back,” the mother asked.

“Ma, I had just finished texting her because she might be busy.”

“What kind of busy is that?” the mother asked out of concern. Then, she turned to the father. “Is she going to end her life working for somebody? In fact, I am getting tired of this her frequent copious free time; she needs time for what is more important.”

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At that moment, I buried a hum deep inside me. With discernment and thoughtful consideration of the context, I could expand the latter question as: ‘Is she going to spend all her life working without planning to settle down’. Well, I might be wrong but time would tell.

The mother picked up her phone immediately. “I will call her myself,” she said. After dialing her number, she left the table in order to talk to her privately. Quite surprisingly, she had not taken beyond six paces when Sandra’s vehicle stopped at the gate.

“I said it,” the mother echoed with a smile, “my daughter is not a bastard.”

“Ha ha…,” we all laughed in unison.

It is our cultural belief that when someone coincidentally appears when they are the subject of an ongoing discussion, it is an indication that they are a legitimate child; thus a reason for the mother’s exclamation.

On Sandra’s arrival, there existed a different aura of peace which made me wonder if she was an angel of liveliness. Or was it merely a perception behind falling in love with somebody?

She walked inside with a feline twist. “Mr Jade,” she called playfully, “I got your text and I know you are tired of staying with us.”

“Ha ha…”

Then, she sat at the table and said softly: “Sorry, I have been busy at work.”

“I sure know that,” I responded with a nod.

“I hope you are enjoying Sade’s cooking.”

“You mean Sade cooked this?” I asked surprisingly.

“Are you surprised?”

I immediately commended Sade with a warm handshake and promised to reward her before my departure. Thereafter, Sandra said to me: “I would have suggested that we spend time out in the town, but sorry I am so tired.”

“Don’t worry, you need rest,” I said to her.

She carried her bag and went into her room. On returning to the sitting room, she dropped the jacket of a digital video disc on the table. “Mr Jade, do you like seasonal films?” she asked.

“I used to watch them when I was a teenager but, this days, I can hardly stay before the screen for hours.”

“You will love this,” she said. “It is about a man who is falling in love with a gardener…”

In a nutshell, that was how we started watching the film together with Sade while the parents were in their room. However, Sandra fell asleep on the sofa in less than thirty minutes after the film started. No doubt, she was exhausted but struggling to entertain me. But, what would I call such interest? Was it a green light or courtesy?

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