Smartly dressed in jeans and trainers, Sandra and Sade walked out of the sitting room. With their smartphones in their hands, they were both bright, agile and presentable. Sandra’s eyebrows were stylishly darkened and her top was hanging on her beautiful figure. New fragrance of perfume overwhelmed the inhalable air and welcoming smiles beautified the scene.

It was Sunday’s evening, exactly the time scheduled for our outing. Except for the parents, who were present only to see us off, we were all going outing in Sandra’s vehicle. Sandra gave me the car key and asked me to drive the vehicle while Sade took the back seat of the vehicle. There in the veranda, the parents waved to us as we departed.

We were heading to a resort situated a few kilometres away from Sandra’s home. According to Sandra, the resort was famous for its excellent taste of local cuisine. It was established by a local investor who realised the high demand for local dishes in the community, and ever since it was opened, its aggressiveness had affected small canteens unprecedentedly.

On our arrival to the resort, I could vividly see that it was not an exaggeration to call it by its name – Local Nation.

There were people coming into the resort in multiples while some were walking to the exit with their packages. I could see a pot-bellied man using a toothpick while walking out with two complimentary packages. Right beside him was a family of four that was also leaving the resort.

2018 Masterpiece

Having entered the resort, we sat back on a round table before Sandra approached one of the attendants in order to place a side order. On her return, she sat on the opposite chair and we could talk eyeball to eyeball.

“Come on, you guys look good! Let me take a picture of you,” I said to Sandra and Sade. They were beaming from ear to ear as the camera flashed twice. Just in time, our order landed on the table, steaming out with excellent aroma. There were three plates of peppersoup and equal number of plates containing cold pap placed under our noses. As the pleasant taste of the peppersoup gratified my sense of taste, it was an opportunity for me to express my satisfaction to Sandra.

“Wow, wow, wow,” I echoed like an emergency siren. As a result, Sandra laughed in silent pitch while Sade smiled intensely. In such calm atmosphere, I had to seize the opportunity to talk with Sandra, otherwise she would resume her demanding work and would never have time for me anymore. However, it was not the right time to be straightforward, so I had to beat around the bush and leave an effect for a later day.

“Sandra, Sade,” I called their attention as I placed my folded fists on the table. They instantly stopped eating and listened to me with keen interest.

“Did you know I like your family?” I asked them with a view to see Sandra’s reaction. Sandra tightened her lips and smiled lightly before she flashed her eyes. I could see her side-glancing at Sade as her spoon was playfully stirring the peppersoup.

“Thank you,” she said. “But, what do you like about our family?”

Before I responded, I relaxed and looked into their eyes. “Well, your family is peaceful. There is love between your parents. Besides, you children are well-mannered and hospitable like your parents, to mention but a few.”

Those words sank deep into Sandra’s bloodstream. “I am blushing,” she said while covering her left eye with two fingers. We all laughed happily.

“Yes, you are right that my parents are peaceful,” she acquiesced. “But, did you know that the journey was not absolutely smooth for them?”

“That’s sure; I agree with you. Besides, it is natural in every relationship.”

“You got it!” she said emphatically.

“But, could you share with me what has kept the family together over the years?”

She smiled. “My parents were just so complicated. When you see them fighting tonight, you will see them laughing together tomorrow’s morning. I think it is love, and that involves tolerance and forgiveness. Maybe there was something else behind the scene, I don’t know.”


“They got better with time. And now that they are getting old, they have no alternative but to be more united,” she concluded.

I nodded in concurrence as I looked at the fire red sky, the sun was fast falling behind the horizon and the evening breeze was getting stronger.


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