Terms & Conditions

You are allowed to use JadeandFamily.com, as well as its publishing and digital services, only if you are 18 or older, or if your parent or guardian who is 18 years or older agrees to the entire terms listed on this page.

By using the JadeandFamily Publishing and Digital Services, you agree to the following Terms.

SECTION 1: Comments
Comments enable our users to engage and interact with each other within our website. The following terms guide commenting.

1. JadeandFamily International has the absolute right to classify, delete or modify a comment in order to promote peace, unity, respect for human rights, and accuracy in the use of language.

2. JadeandFamily is an independent organisation, hence you shall respect other users’ opinions and avoid fanaticism or intolerance.

3. We shall not accept responsibility for any user’s comments on our website or the pages we own on external websites, such as the social media.

4. Derogatory, violent, humiliating, hate or condescending comments may result to permanent ban of the individual involved.

5. Extreme adult contents, irrelevant or off-topic comments and links shall not be approved.

6. We may collect data from you if you post a comment through a third-party website.

SECTION 2: Contractual Agreement
Contractual agreement is forwarded to our clients before we undertake their projects. Kindly ensure you understand the Terms stated therein before signing and reverting the Agreement.

SECTION 3: Payment and Refund
1. Payment for our products and services is received only on our website; hence, we shall not hold responsibility for any payment made offline.

2. You shall carefully view a product before placing an order or making a subscription, as JadeandFamily is not liable for refund on its saleable or chargeable products.

SECTION 4: Contests
We are an organisation that is rooted in passion. This is why we organise contests to encourage our readers and appreciate their presence, loyalty and patronage. The following terms guide our contests.

1. You shall provide your full name, profile picture and country to qualify for the contest.

2. Your account shall be banned if you enter for the contest more than once.

3. You shall not be granted a retest in event of a system crash, poor network reception and undue or indeliberate cancellation.

4. Any suspicious activities carried out on your profile may nullify your application to our contests.

5. We have the absolutely right to cancel a contest if its data is compromised.

6. Contestants shall follow the rules of the contest as stated in its guideline.

SECTION 5: Content Sharing
As an organisation that sprang up through the support of people worldwide, we permit users to share our drafts by using the social media buttons. The following terms guide other methods of sharing.

1. You are permitted to freely share videos in the category “In Someone’s Shoes”.

2. You can make reference to our stories through a line of quote and an attribution. However, you are not permitted to release our stories or share a full episode on an external website.

3. You are not eligible to sell contents owned by JadeandFamily.com and its host website.

4. You cannot claim to be the creator of the contents on this site.

5. You are not permitted to modify our contents for redistribution, be it videos, pictures or stories.

6. You agree that you will adhere to the copyright law of our contents.

7. You cannot manipulate and share contents owned by JadeandFamily.com for the purpose of flagging it as your own work; such act is piracy.

SECTION 6: Change of Terms
1. JadeandFamily International is an ever-growing organization; for this reason, you hereby agree that it is your responsibility to continuously check the terms for updates, as the terms listed here are subject to change with/without prior notice.

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