Suspension of Activities

Due to an incidence of crime that happened today, 27th day of January 2018, we are deeply sad to inform you that we have suspended our activities until further notice.

We understand that you will feel disappointed as we do, but we assure you that our goal has not changed, neither as our plans. As our services require high level of happiness, we have no alternative but to suspend our activities until we can fully recover and get over our losses.

Be aware that it is our strong determination to release Bisi’s story, launch our proposed contest and continue publishing our stories regardless of the odds; and we will never disappoint you!

While the suspension lasts, you can contact us via our contact form labelled “LET’S HEAR FROM YOU” or via our email address, admin@jadeandfamily.com. You can also contact us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/jadeandfamily.

Indeed, we are sure that nothing can hinder us from sharing our passion, not even our losses. Therefore, remember to subscribe to our newsletter or follow our social media pages in order to receive notification about our rejuvenation.


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