Success! JandeandFamily is relaunched.


Success! JandeandFamily is relaunched.

Hello! We hope you are having a splendid time. It is our joy to reunite with you after spending quality time to expand our website.

Today, September 20, 2018, we bring you the good news: we have registered, expanded, secured and relaunched JadeandFamily.

We hope this improvement meets you well.

Let’s briefly share with you some events that unfolded behind the scene and their resulting improvements.

A couple of months ago, we sat before our screen to analyse our audience, explore our feedback and the world reaction to our contents. In a nutshell, we saw the pressing need to expand JadeandFamily.

So, how did we approach the situation?

First, we took the stride to shut down our E-commerce website that delivers digital services, with a view to incorporate its services into JadeandFamily. Next, we planned to legalise our service, design and develop the new JadeandFamily, finish up our masterpiece, schedule our future contents and secure our website.

What is the end result?

Today, we are glad to unveil the new JadeandFamily to you.

Let’s explore this new website together.

What’s New!

1. Our Homepage

2. Our Masterpiece

3. Our Services

4. Live chat

5. Terms and Conditions

6. Schedule

1. Our Homepage

In our previous design, the homepage of JadeandFamily highlighted our draft, titled “Veiled Angel”. However, the new design gives our users access to our digital services at one click. It also enable our users to explore details about our publishing and digital services at a glance.


2. Our Masterpiece

In October 2017, we announced the forthcoming release of our first masterpiece, which delves into the physical and psychological state of a well-known character called Bisi. Today, we are keen to introduce the long-awaited masterpiece to you. It is titled “All Men: Different Men”.

After reading this post, click here to join other readers of this masterpiece.

3. Our Services

As stated above, we have shut down our digital services website and incorporated its features into JadeandFamily. Therefore, JadeandFamily now offers the following services.

i. Web Design/Development

ii. Digital Marketing

iii. Proofreading/Editing

iv. Graphic Design

What does this expansion mean for our audience on Forshop, our former E-commerce website?

We understand that this change withdraws our catalogue from the internet. However, we aim to release the catalogue in the nearest future as we further launch our shop on JadeandFamily.

4. Live chat

To enable our clients and readers get instant response to their enquiry, we have incorporated live chat into JadeandFamily.

5. Privacy Policy/Terms and Conditions

You can now access our terms and conditions in the footer (or bottom) of our website.

6. Schedule

To enable us maintain our goal to create unique stories for internet users, we have scheduled our events on JadeandFamily.

You can learn more about the following events on our homepage.

i. The Family Chat – January 1

ii. Draft Release – 20th day of the month

iii. Random Release

iv. The Family’s Anniversary – February 27

v. Annual Masterpiece

vi. Contest

What does this improvement mean for you? Simply put, we have incorporated our publishing and digital services into JadeandFamily in order to bring quality contents and digital services to your fingertip.

Feel free to play around and send us your feedback.

Most importantly, welcome to the new JadeandFamily!

2018 Masterpiece

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