Storyboard – Episode 56


Looking at helpless Bisi, I could see she was looking ugly on her sick bed.


The following day, I met with the doctor. He offered me a seat and gave me the report of my blood test. “The medical condition of your wife demands blood transfusion but we discover your blood group is not compatible with hers, so we will need a donor in two days’ time,” he said.

Just two weeks ago, I read a newspaper article that discussed the adverse effects of blood transfusion. It was written by a renowned medical practitioner; as a result, I did not doubt the genuineness of the information.

In the article, he stated that blood transfusion often results in complications which may not arise instantly after the transfusion. He stated that such complications involve excessive iron and lung injury, among others. He added, “In some hospitals the blood collected are poorly tested, hence transmission of infections may occur from such blood transfusion.” He concluded the article by making a suggestion that doctors should consider the use of modern alternatives to blood transfusion.


After shedding some tears, I returned to Bisi without responding to the doctor. I watched her turning in pains. I could not help. So I rushed back to the doctor and sought for any possible solution. Then, a donor was brought into the hospital. The donor was a man who looked weak, his hair was unkempt; he seemed to be ill too.


So I got irritated letting the transfusion take place. Besides, I felt jealous allowing the doctor to transfuse somebody else’s blood into Bisi’s body.

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