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Premium Business Studies and Entrepreneurship Education is a book exclusively designed to meet the needs of the JSS 1-3 students, studying Business Studies as a school subject. The book covers the four basic components of Business Studies, as specified in the new NERDC curriculum on Business Studies and Entrepreneurship education. These components include Office Practice, Commerce, Book-keeping and Keyboarding.

The main target of the authors is to ensure that students are exposed to modern day business activities. It is the belief of the authors that students who are given the privilege to use this book will discover a lot of opportunities that are available within their immediate environment and other parts of the world. The authors have therefore written this book in such a way, that it serves as a good platform, for students who are interested in studying Commerce, Financial Accounting, Computer Studies, etc. in tertiary institutions.

It is expedient to note that this book will also be of immense help to the teachers, who need to update their knowledge of all the four basic components of the subject. Furthermore, the explanations provided in this book are clear and concise, to enhance a good understanding of the subject matter.



The major features of this book are as stated below:

1) Teaching note:

At the end of each unit, a provision is made for a teaching note, which can serve as a guide to the subject teacher, while teaching the subject.

2) Unit/theme summary:

The authors have also made provision for a summary of each unit and theme. This is done to help students recall what they have learnt and to enhance their understanding greatly.

3) Assessment questions:

This feature provides profuse objective (multiple choice), subjective and essay questions that teachers can use as continuous assessment questions, for test or examination. Model answers are also provided to guide students on how to answer essay questions.

4) Curriculum matching chart:

Through this feature, the new curriculum can be seen at a glance, matched with the contents of the book, to show that all the curriculum requirements are met totally. In addition to this, the performance objectives for each unit and pages where they are found are clearly stated.

In conclusion, there is no doubting the fact that this book would be an ideal companion of teachers and students. It is therefore recommended as a must-buy for all who desire to be high-fliers, and all who desire success, knowledge and understanding.


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