A daring, suspenseful feat, where Bisi could not ascertain whether altering her significant other’s standard could be accomplished with a slight approach that would earn her the man of her dream. “He was not a superman but a warm-blooded man.”

Length: 34 Episodes
Word count: 65,000+


She was not only featured on the radio to defend her reputation. Independent, wealthy, selective and principled Bisi finds her heart swept away in love by an uncommon man, and thus her effort to win him calls for her firm decision, urgency and belief that the end will justify the means.

Her past, full of twists and turns of life stemming from her wealth, beauty, passion, curiosity, family’s status, and the overall impact of the opposite sex, has summed up to an ideology that has strongly influenced her life before she meets the uncommon man.

Now she is at the verge of a turning point in her life, and her strong ideology is at stake.

What will you discover in this masterpiece?

(1) Emotional Intelligence
The human mind is the most complex, hidden store for crucial information that can be misrepresented, misconceived or misunderstood. “All Men: Different Men” does not only delve into Bisi’s psychology by providing the fact about her emotions, thoughts, needs, desires, quests, experiences and aspirations, it also connects with the readers’ imagination and emotion to intensify how much they interact with the story and perceive the emotion within each scene as they uncover the exciting, alarming, suspenseful, regretful, frightening, decisive and deadly moments of the characters’ lives.

(2) How to discover yourself as a woman
As you read through the vibrant culture, learn how Bisi walks from poverty to affluence. Her business, aspirations, family, relationship and psychology can inspire your life.

“An adventure with a twist of romance.” – Amb. Wilfred Bonse (Nigeria).

“The language rhythm is unique and that makes it intriguing.” – Linda Chalmer Zemel M.A (USA).


Table of Contents

Episode 1The Inception of Love8
Episode 2Life Without Freedom13
Episode 3Losing Her Trust20
Episode 4Curiosity26
Episode 5Control in Disarray32
Episode 6Identity Theft37
Episode 7Second Encounter46
Episode 8Last Days at Community High School53
Episode 9Remember Your Home59
Episode 10First Day at College71
Episode 11An Encounter with Professor Daisy77
Episode 12A Golden Business91
Episode 13Everyone Wanted a Return102
Episode 14The Benefactor117
Episode 15Breakaway129
Episode 16Striving for Self-Sufficiency134
Episode 17Resentment Against the Folk146
Episode 18Using My Potential154
Episode 19A Lover In the Bank168
Episode 20Immersed In Love174
Episode 21Lost In Passion183
Episode 22How Deep a Woman Can Fall In Love190
Episode 23Goodbye196
Episode 24Thirst for Love203
Episode 25Struggle for Love210
Episode 26Sacrifice for Love217
Episode 27A Letter to Jade224
Episode 28An Invitation to Jade230
Episode 29My First Night with Jade236
Episode 30The Uncommon Man243
Episode 31Adventurous Days252
Episode 32Genetic Incompatibility260
Episode 33In the Name of Love266
Episode 34All Men: Different Men274




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