Privacy Policy

Your privacy is crucial to us; hence, we would like you to read this policy, ensure you understand and agree to the statement, and frequently check for any change, as this policy is subject to change with/without prior notice.

We provide this statement to inform you of the data we collect and its usage, as well as why we collect such data. This privacy policy guides your usage of JadeandFamily.com.

The Data We Collect
1. Contact Detail: This include your email address and telephone numbers.
2. Identity Detail: This includes your first name, last name, username and date of birth.
3. Technical Information: This includes your location, device, IP address, Cookie, login data, browser, operating system and referral link.
4. Profile Information: This involves your username and password, comments, interests, gender, preferences and the products you have shopped.

Why We Collect Your Data
The data we collect from our users are primarily used to improve our services, process payment and calculate usage statistics. This enables us to ascertain how each user interacts with our contents and the challenges they might have encountered with respect to their device, browser, age, location, language and interest.

We collect data involving your age, device, browser, location, feedback, language, and activities within our website. We also prompt our users to share their email addresses, profile pictures and contact numbers with us to enable us process their orders and guide against spam on our website. This also enables us to send targeted promotional and preferential messages to our esteemed audience.

As a precaution against breach of data, your connection to our website is secure and we do not serve advertisements for direct clients or third-party organisations that do not conform to our privacy policy. However, this privacy policy applies to your information that we collect and receive; it does not apply to practices and operations of organisations that we do not own or people who are not part of our organisation.

By using JadeandFamily.com, you agree to the following Terms.

1. You will supply accurate information, such as your age, gender, country and email address, that would enable us deliver our products and services to you and help us maintain a platform that respects cyber and international laws. Such information may not involve your real name or physical address except there is a need to ship an item or deliver a service to you.

2. We may store “cookies” in your personal computer. “Cookies” are identifiers that enable us to recognise you when you are revisiting our website. They have low capacity and will not affect your device free space. Accepting cookies will enable you to keep your device logged in and fill forms more efficiently. It will also enable your browser to load our web pages faster and accurately.

3. JadeandFamily.com and its host account do not use cookies to retrieve personal data from your hard drive, or transmit any personal information about you on the Internet. However, you may choose to reject cookies by changing your browser settings.

4. Our website serves advertisements that link to other websites. Although we strive hard to check if such websites conform to our ethical standard, we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the contents of such websites; hence, you may need to read their privacy policy as soon as you visit them.

5. We may collect data such as your location, age, device, browser, language, and activities within our website.

Third-party Websites
The following third-party websites may collect your data via our website.

1. Paystack: Payments on JadeandFamily are processed by Paystack, a reputable organisation that offers secure payment gateways for local and international businesses. Kindly visit https://paystack.com/terms to learn about the privacy policy of Paystack.
2. Google Analytic, Facebook and others: These websites are used to process our usage statistic. Kindly visit https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites to learn about Google Analytics policy. You may also visit https://web.facebook.com/policy.php to learn about Facebook privacy policy.

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