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A daring, suspenseful feat, where Bisi could not ascertain whether altering her significant other’s standard could be accomplished with a slight approach that would earn her the man of her dream. "He was not a superman but a warm-blooded man."


She was not only featured on the radio to defend her reputation. Independent, wealthy, selective and principled Bisi finds her heart swept away in love by an uncommon man, and thus her effort to win him calls for her firm decision, urgency and belief that the end will justify the means.

Her past, full of twists and turns of life stemming from her wealth, beauty, passion, curiosity, family's status, and the overall impact of the opposite sex, has summed up to an ideology that has strongly influenced her life before she meets the uncommon man.

Now she is at the verge of a turning point in her life, and her strong ideology is at stake.




Emotional Intelligence

The human mind is the most complex, hidden store for crucial information that can be misrepresented, misconceived or misunderstood. “All Men: Different Men” does not only delve into Bisi's psychology by providing the fact about her emotions, thoughts, needs, desires, quests, experiences and aspirations, it also connects with the readers' imagination and emotion to intensify how much they interact with the story and perceive the emotion within each scene as they uncover the exciting, alarming, suspenseful, regretful, frightening, decisive and deadly moments of the characters' lives.

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"She was standing at the door with her truth-seeking eyeballs fixating at me. Her usual glint of suspicion was obvious. Still glaring blindingly, she cocked her head to one side. What other reaction could portray that I was in for it? Those eyeballs were known to be fierce and demanding whenever they focused on a guilt-ridden mind, and it could only take a blink before the culprit would realise there is no secret under the sun."

"On alighting from the plane, I exhaled my old breath, inhaled some fresh air, and gazed at the blue sky."


A couple of weeks ago, I sneaked into the lecture room when he was standing before the class. The atmosphere was calm when he saw me concealing myself from his sight. All the students set their eyes on me for driving away the lecturer’s focus.


“I’m good. Hmm … I would like to go on a vacation for a while. Do you mind joining me?”

“Is it a staycation?”

“No, I have this wanderlust. So I want some fresh air.”

“Oh, I will be busy for a couple of time.”

"Just like honey dripping from a honeycomb, hot urine was dripping from my underwear as fear overwhelmed me."


"Now, his mode of driving turning a journey of few minutes to a journey of a thousand miles, he was interrogating me like a criminal before the jury. My eyes gave him a furtive glance, reading him from his right eye to his slightly moustached face. His words were as sweet as honey and the reason behind the depression in the corner of my mouth. Then I began to wonder if such an invaluable man could be single."


My heart pounded, almost falling out of place. I was perplexed and overwhelmed by fatal foresight. An unfortunate frog croaked behind the fence, adding to my fear. My ancestors’ bones seemed to echo out from their graves. And the heap of garbage at the outskirt of the city came to my instinct at a flash. That was where my schoolmate was dumped half-life after she was brutalised. She had woken up only to find out how much the world cared about her both on the national dailies and the noisy, overemphasized TV broadcast.
Life could be unfair. Maybe I would also wake up to see my name on the national dailies.

"Flustered by the turn of events, I felt discouraged and lonely. On walking out into the darkness of the night, I sat on the pavement outside, thinking if gun was legalised for common civilians in my country, ..."


“I’m just curious,” I answered.

She looked at me in disbelief and let out a sigh. “Curiosity killed the cat.”

I was dumbfounded because she seemed to have smelt the rat.

“I can offer you one if you want a detoxification,” she offered.

The bubble she had infused into her gum burst at her wish.

“What is the meaning of detoxification?”



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30 days of publishing (September 21 - October 20, 2018)

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    “An adventure with a twist of romance.”” – Amb. Wilfred Bonse – Nigeria.

    “The language  rhythm is unique and that makes it intriguing.”” – Linda Chalmer Zemel M.A – USA.

    “May I simply just say what a relief to uncover someone that truly understands what they’re discussing on the internet. You actually know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More and more people ought to look at this and understand this side of the story…” – Janie (Our draft reader).

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