New Feature In The Family

Dear Reader,
As our effort to help you understand our stories and the idea they convey, just at a glance, we have added another feature to our contents. This feature is entitled “In Someone’s Shoes” and is available in video format.

All videos in this section will be published under our new blog category named “In Someone’s Shoes” and will also be available on our YouTube channel.

These videos are available to publishers, counsellors and presenters, and can be embedded in any website or blog free of charge.

Be informed that only this new feature is available until we will resume the publishing of other episodes, tests and storyboards of Veiled Angel.

In a perspective, this improvement is our means of appreciating your feedback and unwavering confidence in us.

Are you ready? We bring to you the first episode of “In Someone’s Shoes”!

Kindly watch, express your opinion and share with your friends.

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