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Highlights of Veiled Angel

Veiled Angel is a love story of a character called Jade. His quest for a suitable partner in marriage sees a mixture of betrayal, seduction, chastity, self-interest, pretense, true love, breakups, affection, trauma, deception, cling, jealousy, etc. After losing his enthusiasm, he meets the lady of his dream, and they settle down together. Although they have to struggle with some disappointments and differences, a lady veiled from Jade years ago finally becomes his successful life partner.


Bisi explained her journey in life; why she was single, rich and lonely. Why did Bisi love Jade?


Bisi gave her relationship all it could cost her in order to marry the man of her dream.

True love

Chioma exerted herself and adjusted her lifestyle in order to satisfy the man she loved.


Jade found out that he was not genetically compatible with his fiancée. He had to be firm.


Jade's initial relationships seemed to have a happy ending. But, they were not lasting.


Bisi was pushed to the wall. Cajoling Jade could be a better choice to satisfying her desire.


Everybody wants care. Tending to Bisi in the hospital made Jade realise another reason to get married.


Jade fantasized a lot about meeting the lady who once loved and cherished him. What was the outcome?


A year after Jade relocated, he got the news that Lola was married to Emma. What a life! Promise fails so quickly.


Situation of things changed when Jade began to lose interest in Bisi.


When Bisi began to take necessary actions into her hands, Jade became more flexible and willing.


In her lifetime, Mama was so concerned about Jade's need to marry in time.


In a message he sent to her, Jade addressed his breakup with Bisi. His choice of words called for forgiveness.


Bisi was never a lady who would allow her lover to interact with other ladies. Something happened.


Although Jade tried to maintain his chasteness, his emotion soon overpowered him.


What was Jade's preparation for marriage? Why did he make such preparation?


Who were exemplary to Jade? How did he imitate them while dating?


How did Jade's culture influence his dealing with Chioma - his fiancée?

Public View

How did public view influence Jade's thought about dating a rich lady?


How did Jade view his girlfriend when he met a more beautiful lady?


What was Jade's reaction when he learnt that Bisi was a victim of an accident?

"I was a loser"

I was the only cold man among the crowd. I had so many reasons to be depressed but that was not going to help my situation. How I wished Mama was alive! How I wished Bisi and I were genetically compatible! Why did nature put me in agony? Why did nature put me to shame? Attending Bisi’s wedding almost left me in coma. Though we had broken up long ago, the emotion we shared was reignited within me: The beautiful innocent face I often gazed at, the head that often rested on my hips, the hair strands I once fondled, the cheeks I once stroked, the lips I once kissed, the lady who got me intoxicated with love; who almost took away my self-control, all were gone! This wasn’t the right place for me, I had to leave. I was a loser, Rufus was the winner. He was fortunate to actualise the day I had envisaged. Again, I was a loser!

Bisi in provocative dress

It was Bisi at the door again. She wore a black tight-fitting mini dress and a pair of high-heeled shoes. The dress was nested at both the upper and lower front. Half her cleavage was exposed and her fair-complexioned long legs were bare. With a raised eyebrow, I called her name. “My love, I’m tired” she said. She held my right hand while walking toward the sofa until she dragged me a bit. The moment I staggered, my attention was furtherly drawn to her provocative dress. As an emotional man, I was controlled by what I saw. I shut the door and walked back to pick my phone from the table. Bisi was seated crossing her legs. “Are you coming from home, Bisi?” I asked. “My love, I am bored staying alone. I hope it will be nicer having fun with you. Can we jiggle to any of your hiphop music?”


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Recent Episodes of Veiled Angel

Bisi is now married to Rufus, Jade's friend, and that has been a challenge for Jade.

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