Hire Bike and Rider

13th September, 2021.

Dear customers, you can now hire our rider and bike for as low as #20,000. Discount of #8,000 available on weekly hire. Advance payment is mandatory.

Benefits of daily and weekly hire

  1. Competitive advantage: You can ask your customers to pay the least for delivery because you have a bike and rider all day.
  2. Controlled cost: With JadeandFamily Delivery, you don’t have to pay salary, buy fuel or pay for maintenance. Meanwhile, you can get the most affordable service in Abuja city.

For clarity, you can run your business by paying for the manpower and machinery in use. You pay for busy time, not free time. No servicing. No allowance. No salary.

Kindly book in advance, maybe 1 or 2 days before usage.

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